My entry was rejected! What do I do?

Your entry should now be visible in your drafts, with an official comment explaining why it wasn’t approved. Please make any necessary changes outlined in your official comment before you re-submit your entry.


  1. Who can participate in Contests?
  2. Do I have to have an account to take part?
  3. How old do you have to be to participate?
  4. Why can a parent not submit an entry on behalf of a child?
  5. My entry was rejected! What do I do?
  6. Can a group submit one entry together?
  7. Can I enter a contest multiple times?
  8. Can I use "illegal" LEGO building techniques?
  9. How do I know if my entry was submitted correctly?
  10. I see an entry that doesn't fit the rules! What do I do?
  11. Oh no, I missed the deadline for the contest! Can I still submit it?
  12. Someone stole my work and has entered it into the contest! What do I do?
  13. I don't own any LEGO bricks, can I still enter?
  14. Can I share my entry on social networks, Flickr, or at a convention?
  15. Will my Contest entry be a LEGO Ideas project and be considered as a new LEGO set?
  16. How does the countdown clock work when there’s less than one day left?
  17. If I submit my entry the day the contest closes, will it be moderated in time to be judged?
  18. Do I have to purchase a LEGO set in order to take part in a contest?
  19. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Can I use an official LEGO Ford Mustang set in my submission?
  20. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Can the Ford Mustang that we built in any scale/size?
  21. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Can I submit a futuristic/fictional Ford Mustang?
  22. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Does the scenery have to be based on real-life or can it be anything we want (sci-fi for instance)?
  23. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - May I build a Ford Mustang from a movie?
  24. Ford Mustang - Poster Contest - Does the car in the poster have to be a 1967 Ford Mustang?
  25. LEGO Tower Contest - Can I base my submission on LEGO owned intellectual properties such as NEXO KNIGHTS, NINJAGO, Friends, Pirates, Classic Space, etc?
  26. LEGO Tower Contest - Can I build my floor based off of an already existing floor from the Tiny Tower game?
  27. LEGO Tower Contest - May I create custom stickers/prints/minfigure decorations and include these in my submission?

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