How do I revoke my consent for LEGO IDEAS to store my 13-15 year old child’s personal information?

If you no longer consent to the LEGO Group storing personal information regarding your child on LEGO IDEAS, please contact LEGO Customer Service at If you’re sending them an email, please send it from the same email address you received our original request for consent. Include in your message:

  • Your child’s email address registered with LEGO IDEAS
  • Your child’s LEGO IDEAS display name, if you have it (this helps us double check we have the correct account)
  • A written statement “As the parent of USERNAME, I revoke permission for the LEGO Group to store my child’s personal information and request you delete it from LEGO IDEAS.”

Once you write to LEGO Customer Service, an Advisor will contact the LEGO Ideas team. LEGO Ideas will then delete (ban) your child from LEGO IDEAS. This cannot be reversed. All of their personally identifiable information, as well as any content they submit (such as product ideas or contest entries) will be removed from our system. If you change your mind or once they are over 16 and wish to participate again, they will need to start again with a different email address. If they have any data stored on our systems, such as photos of LEGO creations or text describing a contest entry or product idea, please ask them to download a backup copy from our systems before contacting us to revoke consent. You agree that per our Terms of Service the LEGO Group is not responsible for any loss of personal data as a result of revoking consent.

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