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What devices and browsers does LEGO IDEAS support?

We do our best to ensure LEGO IDEAS is compatible across a wide range of devices, operating systems, and browsers. As a rule, we support the last two versions of the major browsers. While older browsers may work, they can cause formatting or interaction issues that we no longer support due to ever-evolving web standards and practices.

At the time of publishing (l
ast updated: 11th October, 2018), the major browsers we are actively supporting right now are:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge 17 and 16
  • Firefox 62 and 61
  • Chrome 69 and 68
  • Safari 12 and 11.1
  • iOS Safari 11.4 and 11.2**
  • Chrome for Android 69 and 68

Other browsers that we don't actively test but may work ok:

  • Opera 55
  • Firefox Android 62
  • Samsung Internet 7.2

** In the case of iOS devices, Firefox or Chrome still use iOS Safari for rendering. Performance will be limited to the current iOS Safari version installed.

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