Two project owners had Ghostbusters projects reach 10,000 in the same review, BrentWaller and TeeKay. Why did you choose one over the other?

Two projects based on the movie Ghostbusters reached 10,000 supporters and qualified for review within the same review period. This was an unprecedented set of circumstances.

First, it’s important to note that achieving 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas qualifies a project to be considered in the LEGO Review, and the LEGO Review Board makes the final decision about what projects will be produced as LEGO sets. This is effectively like an award nomination; there are several nominees and the award recipients are determined by a committee.

When considering this decision, we looked at both the immediate choice at hand and also at the precedent our decision sets for the future of the LEGO Ideas community. Ultimately we chose to base the LEGO CUUSOO set on the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project for two reasons; this project reached 10,000 supporters first, and our designers decided to base our upcoming set on BrentWaller’s car model.

This decision also reinforces our newly-adopted Guideline that reads, “In the case of overlap, we will consider the project that reaches 10,000 supporters first, regardless of which project was submitted to LEGO CUUSOO first.” 

Update 4/30/2014: The LEGO Ideas Guidelines and House Rules have revised the above to read, "In the event two projects with overlapping concepts reach 10,000 supporters in the same review period, the LEGO Review Board will evaluate the projects separately and make the final decision on which project to produce."

The great news here is a Ghostbusters set is happening! However in this case, one builder is selected to have their project produced and another is not.  We appreciate that this isn’t easy for the creator whose model wasn’t chosen, and have written to thank him for his efforts and to explain the decision.

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