Are the new Minecraft sets LEGO® Ideas products?

No. As a company, we're excited to be able to release two additional Minecraft™ sets, available September 1. These sets were initiated by the LEGO Group and are a continuation of our license with MOJANG. Therefore, they aren't considered LEGO® Ideas products.

The first LEGO Minecraft set, 21102 Micro World, was produced as a result of the project submitted to the former LEGO CUUSOO site in late 2011. The LEGO Minecraft project achieved 10,000 supporters, was chosen to be produced, and then the LEGO Group collaborated with the fans involved, resulting in LEGO Minecraft Micro World.

The LEGO Ideas team is grateful for having had the opportunity to collaborate with LEGO fans to release the first LEGO Minecraft set. We're also excited that these two new sets are now available for LEGO and Minecraft fans to enjoy!

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