Questions Related to the First 2014 LEGO Review

Q: Why didn’t (PROJECT NAME) pass the LEGO Review? You didn’t give a reason.

The LEGO Review Board evaluates each project according to the criteria we outline in our Project Guidelines and House Rules. Each project that enters the LEGO Review receives a thorough and fair analysis. The contributing reasons to a decision on one project do not affect future decisions for any other projects positively or negatively.

Q: Does the fact that projects are reviewed in groups mean there was only two production slots to make a LEGO set, and only two sets had a chance to be produced?

We’re not going to discuss our production capacity, as this is internal information related to our business operations. Each project in the LEGO Review results was thoroughly considered for release on its own merits, and the Review Board reached a decision on each project independently.

Q: When will we know the results of Doctor Who?

The LEGO Review Board is still evaluating Doctor Who as a potential LEGO set, but we’re not committing to a set timeframe. We’ll let you know once a decision is reached.

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