Questions related to the First 2015 LEGO Review

There were 13 projects in this review batch, why didn’t you approve anything this time?
Any time a LEGO Ideas project reaches 10,000 supporters, our LEGO Review Board considers the project on its own individual merits. We look at each project through our decision criteria which we explain in our announcement video and Guidelines.

We considered all thirteen projects in this review period according to our review criteria and unfortunately we weren’t able to approve any of them. An unfortunate outcome like this has theoretically always been possible, even though it is the first time no project has been approved in a review period.

It is never easy to reject any project, and we are very disappointed that we couldn’t announce the next LEGO Ideas product from this review. We’re looking forward to the launch of Doctor Who in December, the Labyrinth Marble Maze in 2016 and sharing the results of future LEGO reviews.

Q: Why didn’t (PROJECT NAME) pass the LEGO Review? You didn’t give a reason.
The LEGO Review Board evaluates each project according to the criteria we outline in our Project Guidelines and House Rules. Each project that enters the LEGO Review receives a thorough and fair analysis. The contributing reasons to a decision on one project do not affect future decisions for any other projects positively or negatively.

Q: Does the fact that projects are reviewed in groups mean there was only one production slot to make a LEGO set, and only one set had a chance to be produced?
Each project in the LEGO Review results was thoroughly considered for release on its own merits, and the Review Board reached a decision on each project independently. We’re not going to discuss our production capacity, as this is internal information related to our business operations.

Q: Why don't you just disallow projects based on your own IP from LEGO Ideas?
LEGO Ideas intentionally allows projects based on licenses we already have rights to, because there's always the opportunity a LEGO fan will suggest something unique and off the beaten path. We think it's better to allow something unique to happen than to shut down a category of potential products because of the possibility of overlap. This is why we write our Guidelines the way we do, so members submitting to the site understand the opportunities and risks of suggesting projects based on existing LEGO Group licenses.

Q: Does LEGO Ideas learn from cases where you can’t approve projects and change your Guidelines going forward?
Yes, we are always learning from what you submit, and from each round of Review results, and periodically adjust the way we set expectations for what is possible to produce through LEGO Ideas.

Q: When will we know the results of the F7A Hornet?
The LEGO Review Board is still evaluating the F7A Hornet as a potential LEGO set, but we’re not committing to a set timeframe. We’ll let you know once a decision is reached.

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