1. Who can participate in Contests?

  2. Do I have to have an account to take part?

  3. How old do you have to be to participate?

  4. Why can a parent not submit an entry on behalf of a child?

  5. My entry was rejected! What do I do?

  6. Can a group submit one entry together?

  7. Can I enter a contest multiple times?

  8. Can I use "illegal" LEGO building techniques?

  9. How do I know if my entry was submitted correctly?

  10. I see an entry that doesn't fit the rules! What do I do?

  11. Oh no, I missed the deadline for the contest! Can I still submit it?

  12. Someone stole my work and has entered it into the contest! What do I do?

  13. I don't own any LEGO bricks, can I still enter?

  14. Can I share my entry on social networks, Flickr, or at a convention?

  15. Will my Contest entry be a LEGO Ideas project and be considered as a new LEGO set?

  16. How does the countdown clock work when there’s less than one day left?

  17. If I submit my entry the day the contest closes, will it be moderated in time to be judged?

  18. Do I have to purchase a LEGO set in order to take part in a contest?

  19. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Can I use an official LEGO Ford Mustang set in my submission?

  20. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Can the Ford Mustang that we built in any scale/size?

  21. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Can I submit a futuristic/fictional Ford Mustang?

  22. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - Does the scenery have to be based on real-life or can it be anything we want (sci-fi for instance)?

  23. Ford Mustang - Scenery Contest - May I build a Ford Mustang from a movie?

  24. Ford Mustang - Poster Contest - Does the car in the poster have to be a 1967 Ford Mustang?

  25. LEGO Tower Contest - Can I base my submission on LEGO owned intellectual properties such as NEXO KNIGHTS, NINJAGO, Friends, Pirates, Classic Space, etc?

  26. LEGO Tower Contest - Can I build my floor based off of an already existing floor from the Tiny Tower game?

  27. LEGO Tower Contest - May I create custom stickers/prints/minfigure decorations and include these in my submission?

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