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How do we decide which projects to archive, and why?

When a project is archived, it is because we are absolutely sure we can’t create a LEGO set based on the submission. This could be due to a number of different factors and circumstances but is often related to the LEGO Group introducing new products based on intellectual properties. As a result, we archive submissions containing intellectual properties that we introduce through our regular assortment of products.

When a project is archived, it remains visible on LEGO Ideas, although you can't support the project or leave a comment. This way, fans' work can still be admired by others even if it's not considered as a product idea anymore. We leave an official comment on all archived projects to explain the reasons why it has been archived to help clear up any confusion.

We aren’t able to release everything that qualifies, but since we believe in giving as many of you as possible the chance to have your work considered, we’ll try to archive as few projects as possible.

Each project is unique. Sometimes projects attract speculation about their viability as a product but remember that our decisions are based on the LEGO Review, so please keep any speculation on any project civil, and remember the House Rules

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