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  1. After I delete my profile, why does the LEGO Group maintain an offline copy of my profile information and submissions?

  2. Am I allowed to enter my Product Idea or Challenge Entry in another challenge?

  3. Can a group submit one entry together?

  4. Can I enter a challenge multiple times?

  5. Can I share my entry on social networks, Flickr, or at a convention?

  6. Can I use "illegal" LEGO building techniques?

  7. Do I have to have an account to take part?

  8. Do I have to purchase a LEGO set in order to take part in a challenge?

  9. How can I get email updates when there’s a new Blog post?

  10. How do I contact LEGO Ideas directly?

  11. How do I delete my idea from LEGO Ideas?

  12. How do I delete my LEGO IDEAS profile?

  13. How do I follow a project?

  14. How do I know if my entry was submitted correctly?

  15. How do I recover my username and/or password?

  16. How do I revoke my consent for LEGO IDEAS to store my 13-15 year old child’s personal information?

  17. How do I send someone a private message?

  18. How do I unsubscribe from the LEGO Ideas Weekly Digest?

  19. How do we decide which projects to archive, and why?

  20. How does the countdown clock work when there’s less than one day left?

  21. How old do I need to be to participate on LEGO Ideas?

  22. How old do you have to be to participate?

  23. I can’t find my LEGO IDEAS profile, Product Ideas (Projects), or Challenge Entries!

  24. I deleted my profile, but logged in to IDEAS with my Account and created a new profile. Where’s my old stuff?

  25. I don't own any LEGO bricks, can I still enter?

  26. I see an entry that doesn't fit the rules! What do I do?

  27. If I submit my entry the day the challenge closes, will it be moderated in time to be judged?

  28. License Conflicts and Resolutions

  29. My entry was rejected! What do I do?

  30. My project was not approved when I submitted it. Why?

  31. Oh no, I missed the deadline for the challenge! Can I still submit it?

  32. Someone stole my work and has entered it into the challenge! What do I do?

  33. The Terms say this isn’t open to employees of agencies and companies associated with the LEGO Group and their immediate families. Can you explain?

  34. VIDEOS: Advice to New Members

  35. What are "Followers" and why do people follow me?

  36. What are Staff Picks and how are they chosen?

  37. What devices and browsers does LEGO IDEAS support?

  38. What happens to my project after I reach 10,000 supporters?

  39. What if I am signed in to my Account, accept the Terms of Service, and then get an Email Not Available screen saying my email address is already in use?

  40. What is LEGO® Insiders?

  41. When I log in to LEGO IDEAS, I see a screen with a randomly generated username. Can I change it?

  42. Where can I find the past LEGO Review results videos?

  43. Who can participate in Challenges?

  44. Why can a parent not submit an entry on behalf of a child?

  45. Will my challenge entry be a LEGO Ideas project and be considered as a new LEGO set?

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