How do I delete my idea from LEGO Ideas?

You're not able to delete your own ideas once they are gathering supporters, but we're happy to help if you ask. If you seek to delete a project because you want to make improvements, first please consider using your idea's "Updates" tab.

Before you ask us to delete your Product Idea, note:

  1. Deleting an idea is permanent. If you intend to re-submit an idea, first save a copy of the information you need.
  2. We cannot transfer supporters from one idea to another. If you ask we delete your idea and later re-submit the same project, you'll lose all of your supporters and must start over.
  3. You're still bound by our Terms of Service regarding your deleted idea, which says that in the event you choose to delete or remove your ideas from the platform, all rights assigned to the LEGO Group at the time you submitted your idea will remain assigned to LEGO for a period of three years.

Two ways to ask us to delete your Product Idea:

  • Visit the page of the idea you want deleted. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Report link on your idea. In the Report comments, please mention that you would like your idea deleted.
  • Send us an email at using the email address that you used to register for LEGO Ideas and include a link to the product idea you would like to be deleted.

If your login or email address doesn't match the account that owns the idea, we may ask to verify your identity before we delete it.

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